Introduction: E-Cig Hack - Bigger, Easier Hits for Electronic Cigarettes

I have enjoyed the benefits of healthier 'smoking' with electronic cigarettes for a while now, but was frustrated with the limited hit capacity of standard, cheap cartridges.  The small hole at the end of the filter only allows for small hits.  Now I am able to get Bigger, Easier hits for free with this simple hack.

It takes less than five minutes.

I have tested this on three-part disposable cartridges, but it may be possible on two-part 'cartomizers'.  

Step 1: Materials

Cartridge (filter) - I used disposable from three-part e-cig, but may work with 'cartomizers'

Paper Clip - to push out the inner plastic capsule

Sharp Pointy things - I used a mini flathead screwdriver and a pair of scissors, but any sharp, pointy thing should work (the plastic is soft and easily cut)

Step 2: Before

This is what the hole on a standard cartridge (filter) looks like. Tiny!

Step 3: Poke Out the Inner Plastic Cartridge

Use the paper clip to poke out the plastic tobacco cartridge inside.  You might not have to, but it makes it easy to remove any plastic debris that might end up inside.

Step 4: Start Making the Hole Bigger

I used a mini flathead screwdriver just to widen the hole. Sticking it in diagonally I was able to twist and carve a little bit out. Anything sharp should work, and I could have probably jumped straight to the next step.

Step 5: Make It Even Bigger!

I used one blade of a pair of scissors, but anything sharp should work.  

I stuck the point in the hole and twisted to shave out layers from the hole eventually making it bigger.  This just made the cut somewhat clean, you could probably just poke it out.  

Step 6: Finished Hole - Much Bigger!

This is what it looks like after.

You can of course clean it up, make it look nice, feel good.

Step 7: Put the Inner Cartridge Back In

Put the cartridge back in the way it came out.  I used the paper clip to push down the side to force it to the bottom.  

You can of course refill it before putting it back in.  

Step 8: Put the Cartridge Back on Your E-Cig

Put the cartridge back on like you normally would . . . Get Ready. . . 

Step 9: Final Product

You are done! Enjoy Easy, Big, Healthier 'smoking' from now on.

You can also make several cartridges with different size holes to carry around with you.  This way you can choose what kind of hit you want, when you want.  

Customize your electronic 'smoking'!