Introduction: E- Cracker: Firecracker Without Fire Using Arduino Embedded Platform

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P-A-R-T-Why? Because you gotta!

Come Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, or New Year, or any other special occasion. Firecrackers = the life of the party. But they don’t only add life to the party; they also cause pollution and bring with them health issues. But it ain’t going to be this way anymore, no sir. We’ve got the electric firecrackers on our side, the smart and green way of adding sound, light, and sparkles to the party. And you don’t need to go shopping for them; you can make them on your own at your home! Sounds exciting, right?

This year celebrate Diwali, New Year, and every other occasion the smart and green STEMpedia way by making your own DIY Eco-friendly Electric Firecracker!

Step 1: Things You'll Need

  • evive
  • RGB Strips
  • Thick Cardboard
  • Soldering Rod
  • Jumper Cables

All the basic tools listed above can be found in the stores near you. And evive which is an Arduino Embedded All-In-One Prototyping lab can be found here. Also, it has a wide range of kits to work with. Whose applications or projects are listed on Instructables.

Step 2: The Making of the Firework Without Fire

The first we need to finalize is a pattern for the firework. We have made it in form of the pattern as shown in the below image on cardboard.

Once you have designed it, it’s time to take the cutouts.

Now, onto this cardboard glue the RGB Strips.

Finally, bring all the pieces together and glue them.

Step 3: How to Connect the RGB

We already know that the RGB Strip is divided into a number of pieces. Now, we need to do is connect them together. But there is a small trick in it.

The center and the trail is connected in series whereas the center and the outer RGB Strips are connected in Parallel.

  • Connect the GND and VCC of the center to the trail’s GND and VCC.
  • And VCC and GND of the outer RGB Strips to the center.
  • Then DOUT of the trail to the DIN of center.
  • Finally DOUT of the center to all the DIN of the outer RGB Strip.

The circuit diagram of the same is given below.

Step 4: Finally, the Code

We have uploaded the Arduino Code to evive.

We have coded in such a way that the trail light up first, then the center LEDs and finally the dispersed outer trail.

To know more about Arduino, visit:

You can download evive library by clicking the link here.

Thus, we have successfully built our own Electric Firecracker without fire.

For more detailed Instruction visit:

Step 5: Conclusion

With this, your DIY Eco-friendly Electric Firecracker is ready to light up your party! Sparkle away, fellas!

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