Introduction: E-Lantern and E-Table Lamp

Ancient peoples were using lantern to illuminate in day to day life, which uses kerosene as a fuel to ignite flame. We restored two old lantern and table lamp and convert to to electric lantern.

Step 1: Gather Material Used

For above Restoration Material used :

  • Old lantern
  • A Brass Bulb holder
  • Pair of two core insulated 3 meter wire with two pin plug
  • Spray primer cote color
  • Spray color as per choice
  • Electric bullb

Step 2: Tools Used

Tools used for project :

  • Hand grinder with wire brush attachment
  • Disc cutter
  • Basic tolls set like, Screw driver, File set, etc.,
  • Bench Wise

Step 3: Dis Mental to Work on

First of all dis mental different parts of lantern using screw driver, plier set, so it will be convenient for cleaning process.

Remove all unnecessary parts, which was used to operate by kerosene, because now it will not required.

Step 4: Removal of Rust

Remove all the rust by hand using smooth file, wire brush attached with hand grinder and sand paper. First of all clear old color using file and sand paper and than remove rust from all the old parts and make it ready.

Step 5: Machining

Cut unnecessary edges and make a space for bulb holder to fix, also make a hole for two core wire as displayed in the images shown.

Step 6: Paint a Primer Cote

After cleaning all the parts apply a primer cote to prevent rusting and betterment of final color brightness.

Step 7: Fixing a Bulb Holder

Marking and make hole to fix the screw to fix bulb holder and attached two care cable with bulb holder. Make sure to proper path and space to lay the cable, so it will not cut.

I pass two core wire inside the lantern side pillar by making two holes on top and bottom end, so it's easy to hang on any surface, without any hassle .

Step 8: Color of Your Choice

On the all metal body apply a thin spray color cote, as per choice. Also all the brass parts should be clean and polish using some brass polishing powder, so it shine like new.

Step 9: Finish Line

Now its almost ready,

Put on the bulb in the holder, cover with the glass, put the power plug in the socket and switch on.

Hey, Wow ! now it's electric power using lantern ready to hang on.

Step 10: Cherry on the Cake

Basically the kerosene burn lantern made for mobility, so one can lake it any were.

So if we need mobility, we can provide a battery pack in side the kerosene chamber and a charging plug using DC light bulb, we also make a mobile E-Lantern.

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