Introduction: E-Matches

This instructable will show you the details of how I constructed my e-match style igniters for use with fireworks. As with any form of fire, explosive, or electricity, use caution, your best judgement, and assume nothing. I cannot ensure your safety, and as such cannot be blamed for your judgment, or lack thereof. Please ensure that you follow all applicable laws in your location.


NiChrome Wire
I used 36 gauge NiChrome wire, obtained from Amazon.

Cannon fuse
I used so called ‘cannon fuse’ from a local fireworks stand. Any similar fuse should work. Required only if igniters are being prepared in advance.

Paper-based tape
Cheap paper tape, such as painter’s tape will work just fine. Used here is Scotch brand blue tape.

Step 1: Prep Your Fuse

If the igniters are being prepared in advance, cut your cannon fuse into small sections roughly 0.75in. long (~1.5 cm).

If the igniters are not being prepared in advance, then this step is not required; the igniter can be assembled directly on the firework fuse.

Step 2: Wrap Fuse With NiChrome

Cut a section of NiChrome wire approximately 2 inches long. A bit longer will not hurt, but not too much; it will change the electrical resistance of the igniter.

Wrap the NiChrome wire around the small section of fuse. Be sure to wrap it tightly, and allow no space between the fuse section and the wire wraps. This igniter relies on direct contact of the wire and the fuse for ignition.

Step 3: Secure the Wire

Secure the wire wrap with a small amount of your paper tape. Feel free to give the NiChrome wire a tug to ensure that it is still tight around the fuse. Fold the wire ends over on itself if needed to give your connector a little more to grab onto.

Step 4: Test and Use!

I connected my e-match igniters to a 12 volts power supply using alligator clips. This allows the igniters to be used, and then discarded quickly.

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