Introduction: E-Sim Racing Pedals

I started playing Dirt Rally 2.0 and quickly realized using only a keyboard make the game much harder due to the the keyboard making and breaking a signal. This means that you either accelerate full throttle or not at all. Same goes for the breaking.

I 3D printed some pedals and found and awesome guide here on how to connect everything.

Step 1: 3D Print All Components.

Download and 3D print all of the components which can be found on thingy verse.

3D printable Race Pedals

Step 2: Wire Diagram

As per the picture. Connect the potentiometers the analog pins on the Arduino leonardo.

The potentiometers are 100K, I have tried 10K as well as 1K. They don't work too well. The 100K pots work perfectly.

More information from the original creator.

Link to the Arduino pre-compiled image

The image in the above link has to be uploaded to arduino using AVRDUDE XLoader

Once uploaded you have to configure the Arduino Leonardo using the Wheel config Software

Some notes:

The Arduino Leonardo is not like the the UNO where you connect it to your PC and then just use the Arduino IDE to program the board via it's Comport.

Because the Leonardo has an interface chip in order to behave like a keyboard or joystick in this case it will boot up in DFU mode and will stay in DFU mode for 8 seconds. After the 9 seconds it will disconnect and reconnect with a different com port number. You have to connect and program it with in the 8 seconds. When loading the software using Xloader.

Step 3: See the Video Guide

I created a Youtube video on how to do all this with a working demo with Dirt Rally.