Introduction: E-reader Case Tutorial.

E-reader cases like this are either hard to find, or too expensive.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need;
Your e-reader
2 elastics
(Elastics not pictured)

Step 2: Outline Your E-reader!

On the cardboard, lay out your e-reader. Draw a box BIGGER than the e-reader itself. 

Step 3: Cut It Out!

Cut only that half. Then, fold it over (like in the picture) and, cut it out from there. You should have a book-looking cardboard piece.

Step 4: Fabric Time!

I used fleece for this, it's much easier to work with.
Line up the edge of the cardboard with the edge of the fabric. Flip the fabric over, so that the cardboard is covered.
Cut the fabric out.

Step 5: Sew It Up!

Thread the needle, then start sewing! Sew THROUGH the cardboard. I do not recommend using a sewing machine for this.
Keep on sewing until, you get back to the start. Knot the beginning and end together. 
Cut the excess fabric.

Step 6: Strap It In!

Take the two elastics and make sure they can stretch as wide as your cardboard piece.
Place one on one side, and one on the other. Make sure the e-reader can fit in it.

Step 7: Shut the Front Cover!

Use the yarn or braiding cord to secure it.
On the back, you'll notice the back of the elastic bands are hanging there. Thread the yarn/braiding cord through there. Tie a nice bow on the front!

Step 8: Read Read Read!

Now you have a place for your e-reader! It is great for travelling, or just sitting around!

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