Introduction: E46 M3 Powersteering Pumpe Teardown (semi Destructive)

My teardown of a e46 m3 power steering pump

Part number 32412229679 (zf pumpe)

Photos taken after i had dismantled it.

not yet put together due to missing parts.

Pleas note not all parts are in the right order or direction, and take your one photos if your not sure

how to put it back.

Step 1: Tools

Photos of the tools i used.

-50mm socket used for backhold when pressing out the axle (maybe not the best thing to use, you will se later)

-10mm 3/8 socket and socket wrench.

-o-ring tool.

-plies i used it to take out a seal.

-home made tool. dont think its necessary

-plate used to pull of the pully wheel

missing photo of the 27mm wrench

Step 2:

-Start with the 6 rear bots (10mm socket)

-Lift the rear lid off.

(note the direction on the pins that goes tru the pumpe. )

-Lift out the pins.

-Take out the outer "ring". (Take note on the direction, i did not. there are som stripes, i dont know if the are upside og downside.)

-Take out the senter part, mind the smal blades that you dont lose them, its is on splines on the shaft.

also note the is a small notch in the blades

Step 3:

- Not sure you need to take out this second plate before pressing out the axle

- I used the home made tool to take this out. putting it in the slott twisting it and pulling.

-Note the o-ring "hidden under the plastic part.

Step 4:

the valve on the side. used a 27mm wrench for this.

I took it out so i could drain as much oil from it as possible.

Step 5:

I did take the pulley off. not sure if that is needed.

-I pressed it out from the back (on the axle) and used the big 50mm socket to hold the out side of the bearing.

But as you se on the photos i made quite a bit of damage on the way out with the bearing.

I had to use a lot of force to press the axle and bearing out. might be a danger of bending the axle

maybe a better way to hold it, but i am not sure how,

Step 6: Overview of the Parts (note Parts Not I Right Order or in Right Direction)

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