Introduction: EAL Arduino Controlled RC Car

In this instructables i will show you how i made an arduino controlled RC car.

this is for a school project where i wireless controll a car with 2 arduinos that are connected to the RF-Kit wich you can get for arduino. Notice that they work with 2 frequence only, and they may be illegal to use in some countries. I have built some LED on my car so it looks like a police car.

First i will make a list of all the components i used for this project

* 2 arduinos. ( i use Uno for the car, and Mega for the controller)

* 2 joysticks. ( i use an old playstation controller)

* 1 Microchip L293D

* RF kit for arduino

* 1 car ( stripped down, and rebuilt wih arduino)

Step 1: The Controller

As said before i use the joysticks in an old playstation controller.

the picture of the wiring diagram is not of the best quality so i will explain how its wired.


Vcc - 5V

HOF - A1

VEF - A2



Vcc - 5V




Vcc- 5V

Data - Pin 12


the code for the controller can be downloaded.

Step 2: The Car

I have built an arduino uno on to my car, i will here show the wiring and the code.

Wiring diagram:


Vcc - 5V

Data - pin 12



.1 EN1 - Pin 5

.2 IN1 - Pin 9

.3 OUT1- DC-Motor1

.4 0v

.5 0v

.6 OUT2 - DC-Motor1

.7 IN2 - Pin10

.8 VccMotor - Extern power supply

.9 EN2 - Pin 6

.10 IN3 - Pin 7

.11 OUT3 - DC-Motor2

.12 0v

.13 0v

.14 OUT4 - DC-Motor2

.15 IN4 - Pin 8

.16 V+ - 5V

LED1 - Pin 3

LED2 - Pin4

Step 3: Finished Product

The car was big enough to contain the arduino so that it still looks like a regular BMW.

It runs on two 9V batteries, one for the arduino and one for the motors.

The controller as you can see i had to make some adjustments so that i could attach the arduino to it.

its runs on one 9V batteri.

The lenght of the wireless connection is about 20 meters, this could increase with a different antenna.