Introduction: EASIEST Amp & Speaker Tilt Stand in the WORLD!!!

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New!!! Simpified, easier, faster, better, cooler than all the others!!!

Case closed, problem solved!!!

Simply and easily tilt almost ANY AMP & SPEAKER CABINET IN THE WORLD!!!

Standard disclaimer: I'm probably crazy, so following my advice could be risky. I am not responsible for you or any of your stuff in any way at any time.

Step 1: What You Need: Willingness (and Ability) to Drill a Hole Into the Cabinet...

Step 2: And a Good Strong Steel Bar.

Step 3:

You can easily tilt LARGE cabinets with this method. 2x12 cabs, Marshall 4x12 cabs, 6x15 cabs, a House or Barn, WHATEVER...

Step 4: