Introduction: *EASY* Friendship Bracelet

Step 1: Get Binder With Prongs

Step 2: Pick Out Color of String

You need three pieces of string, or 6 depending on the thickness you would like. Have each string be about 2 feet in length.

Step 3: Tie a Knot at the End and French Braid Then Tie Another Knot

Step 4: Tie to Prongs and Begin Knotting

Step 5: Separate the Color You Want to Begin With

Step 6: Wrap Around Other Strings to Knot

Pull brown string up to knot

Step 7: Repeat Till It Is the Length You Want Then Switch Strings and Do the Same

The knots will wrap around to make a spiraling pattern. Note the more colors you use the smaller the sections.

Step 8: Do the Same With Every Other Color Until You Are Happy With Size and Pattern

Step 9: Now Your Pretty Much Done Add a Knot at the End and French Braid Again

To add the sea shell like in the main pictures take one of your knots near the middle of your bracelet and slip it on the string before you knot it up.

Step 10: HAVE FUN

Whether a bracelet for a friend or for yourself, show of your new style and be proud of its unique qualities that came just from you!