Whenever we think of Christmas, we have a white-bearded grandpa, who visits us once a year, Santa Claus.

A simple origami tutorial that takes kids to make a cute Santa Claus. Prepare two pieces of paper and fold Santa's head and body, then put them together. Let the children have a try.

You can find tutorial in the link:

Step 1: Take Out Two Square Papers of the Same Size, One White Side and the Other Color Side.

Step 2: Take One of Them and Fold the Head First. Turn Its Color Face Up, Then Fold the Right and Bottom Sides in a Small Way.

Step 3: Fold the Upper Left-hand Corner in a Small Way.

Step 4: Turn Over and Let the Folded Corner Go Up. Turn the Right Corner to the Left.

Step 5: Turn the Left Corner to the Right. It Should Look Like This When You're Done.

Step 6: Flip It Over and Fold the Bottom Corner Up a Part.

Step 7: Fold This Corner Back Down a Little Bit.

Step 8: Fold the Top Corner to the Left, and Santa's Head Is Finished.

Step 9: Take Another Piece of Paper and Fold the Top and Bottom Edges in a Small Way.

Step 10: Turn It Over, Fold the Right and Left in Half, and Then Open It. Fold the Left and Right Sides Separately to the Middle and Align.

Step 11: Fold the Two Corners in the Middle of the Top Edge Outwards, Just As You Fold Out Two Large Collars.

Step 12: Fold the Top Part Down, and the Body Part of Santa Claus Is Complete.

Step 13: Glue the Back of Your Head Onto Your Body.

Step 14: 14.Finally Take Out Your Marker and Draw Eyes and Cheeks.

Lovely Santa Claus origami finished, isn't it simple?