Hi there!

I hope you are having a great day! But if you want an even better day, you are welcomed to use this instructable to make this EASY REFRESHING FRUIT SALAD!! (you will be able to make this fruit salad within 5 minutes!)

Here are the ingredients:

- 2 Apples

- 2 Mandarins

- 1 Cutting board

- 1 Knife

- And of course: YOUR BOWL!!

Here are some steps to help you out making this salad (DONE WITHIN 5 MINUTES!):

Step 1: You wash your hands and get all your stuff ready

Step 2: You peel (or cut) your 2 mandarins

Step 3: You cut your 2 apples (It does not matter in which order you do step 2 and 3!!)

Step 4: You get your bowl and put all the slices in it

Step 5: Your done! You can happily eat your refreshing fruit salad!!