All you will need is:
1. a 12 volt solar charger (harbor feight $19.00 sometimes on sale as low as 12bucks!)
2. a 12 volt dc splitter (walm-mart 5 bucks)
3. a 12 volt car plug in usb charger ( harbor freight 5 bucks)
4. a usb cable for your digital camera (i had several lying around house)

Step 1: 2nd Step Connect 1st Connection

connect solar panel 12 volt male into female 12 volt splitter (sounds kinky)

Step 2: 2nd Step Connect 12 Volt Splitter to 12 Volt Usb Charger

Step 3: Insert USB Cable Into 12 Volt Usb Charger

Step 4: Insert Blackberry or Digital Camera and Set Towards Sun

ENJOY the free power