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Makers from the Gearbox- A makerspace in Nairobi decided to do the Lumi build Night on a nice warm Saturday afternoon where we had a couple of T-shirts.


This is what you need to design print you T-shirt using Lumi:-

-A clean plain Bright color t-shirt
-Lumi Starter Kit
-Black tape

Step 2:

Take the shirt and place a cardboard underneath. This is to ensure that shirt is still. Get started by placing the lumi Inkodye bottle with the roller.
Apply inkodye gently only to the area estimated to fit the negative film of your preffered photo.

Step 3:

Attached your photo gently using the tape to hold the photo well. Ensure that you cover all parts that have the dye, otherwise they will affect on your T-shirt.

Step 4:

 Place your shirt outside for 10minutes on a sunny afternoon. You should see it changing color.
Remove the film and wash with hot water. Ensure that you add inkowash while washing.

Step 5:

Finally the t-shirt after handwashing and drying!