EASY Washing Machine Toy- DIY Project



Introduction: EASY Washing Machine Toy- DIY Project

Hi guys, welcome to my new project : washing machine. In this article, I will show you how I made it and hope you will make one for yourself.

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Now, let’s do it.

Here are thing that you will need

2 X Soft drink cans

1 x 3-5 V DC MOTOR

1 X battery1

x switch

Hot glue

Paper knife

Step 1:

Draw 4 rectangular with 9x13 cm in size and 4 9x9cm squares.

Then cut them off.

Step 2:

Use bottom of a can to draw a circle on 1 rectangular.

Draw a small rectangular, fit with switches size.

Then cut them off for.

Step 3:

Cut a can bottom.

To make it easy, you can see the technique I use in the video at minute 1:22

After that, stick a transparent plastic circle to the cut bottom.

Cut out 1cm straw to make the hinge.

Stick the hinge to the rectangular.

Now, we have the front door of our machine

Step 4:

Cut a can in half.

Flip the rectangular to it backside, draw a circle with equal size with the can’s mouth

Cut a ring from the can.

Cut it in half then stick the pieces to the drawn circle.

Step 5:

Make a hole in the middle of can bottom.

Stick the motor to the can through that hole.

Step 6:

Stick a 9x9 cm rectangular to the front cardboard.

Soldering motor to switch battery

Glue the motor to another 9x13 rectangular and stick that rectangular to the bottom cardboard.

Stick battery

Step 7:

Glue the other side boat to the model.

Now, our model is ready to work.

Upgrade tip


Thank you for reading my instruction

See you in the next project.

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