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Introduction: EASY and CHEAP Slot Car Point of View Driver Cam

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This Instructable will show how to capture Point of View video from the perspective of a Slot Car driver. Or at least if there was a real driver behind the wheel.

Ever wonder what it would be like to actually race behind the wheel of a real NASCAR racing machine?

Race your slot car then enjoy the video and imagine you are racing at the NASCAR Brickyard 400!

I captured this video a couple years ago just for fun as I was tinkering with our first Carrera Sot Car Track. You can do this for less than $10 and is super easy to set up. Nothing really technical about this Instructable. I guess it is the idea and solution that are worth the views and maybe even a Vote in the photography contest?

For those who race slot cars, this can add a whole new dimension to your racing. Give it a try and have fun.

Step 1: Supplies

Assuming you already have a slot car track and cars, all you need is a rubber band and spy cam.

  • Slot Car Track
  • Slot Cars
  • Key Chain Spy Cam
  • Micro Flash Memory Card
  • Rubber Band

I purchase my camera from Amazon. The prices range from $10 - $80. You can find one that meets your budget and needs here. For only $10 not a bad buy.

My camera did not come with built-in memory, so I had to by a flash memory card as well for another $7.00.

Step 2: Mount Camera

Again, nothing really technical. Very simple and straight forward as a mater of fact.

  1. Place camera on roof of car.
  2. Use rubber band to fasten camera to car with a couple wraps.
  3. Check to be sure the rubber band is not making contact with the track or in the way of the car magnet and tires.

When you view the video you will see that I ran off the track once and rolled the car. The camera stayed mounted and caught all the action and sound.

Step 3: Slot the Car and Race

Now slot your car and get ready to race. Follow the instructions that came with your camera and start video.

NOTE: My camera came directly from China. The directions were very poorly written with broken English. I had to go back to Amazon and read reviews to figure out the combination of buttons to take pictures and video. There are only 2 active buttons on this camera. The others are dummy plastic molds.

Step 4: Download and View

The camera comes with a USB cable to connect to your PC. I am running Windows 7 and the computer identified the camera with no problem.

Overall, not a bad invest for only $10. It's a down and dirty way to add a little more fun to your slot car racing track.

While the video quality is not the greatest, it is worth the low cost. If anyone can recommend a higher quality camera solution would love to hear from you a specific brand and where to buy.

Hope you enjoy the Ride!


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    4 years ago

    That looks like a lot of fun, reminds me of my old Scalextric set.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Great fun for most ages.

    Mark 42
    Mark 42

    4 years ago

    Here's a camera made to use with FPV goggles...

    Eachine TX03 NTSC Super Mini 0/25mW/50mW/200mW Switchable AIO 5.8G 72CH VTX 600TVL 1/3 Cmos FPV Camera



    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks for sharing. I am intrigued! Looks like something researching further!

    Mark 42
    Mark 42

    4 years ago

    And, the goggles... with built in DVR.

    Eachine VR D2 Pro 5 Inches 800*480 40CH 5.8G Diversity FPV Goggles w/ DVR Lens Adjustable