Introduction: EBIAB Brew RIG Build

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Just a simple homebrew rig for 20 gallon eBIAB system. Complete system uses 3.5Kw 2" triclamp heatelement (16A/220V fuse). System has two pumps, one for the wort circulation and whirpool and other for the transfer.

Size of the rig:

Top: 50x50cm + pump extension

Bottom: 60x77cm

Height: Bottom to the top 30cm



- Kettle SS Brewtech 20gal

- 2" weldless Tri Clamp adapter for heat element (male)

- 1/2 thermowell

- 1/2 male / 1.5 Tri Clamp adapter for circulation/whirpool (male)

- 1/2 ball valve with 1.5 Tri Clamp connector

- locknuts


Other parts

- 8x 1.5" Tri Clamps + seals

- 1x 2" Tri Clamp + seal

- 1x 1.5" Tri Clamp tee Connector

- 2x 1.5" Tri Clamp Sanitary Butterfly Valve

- 1x 1,5" Tri Clover Compatible Inline Sight Glass

- 2x Hose Barb1.5" Tri Clamp 8mm

- 1x 2" Tri Clamp 3500w/220v heat element

- Magnetic Drive Pump with 1.5" Tri Clamp connector (circulation)

- Solar Water Pump DC 12V/24V 5M Hot Water with 1.5" Tri Clamp connector (transfer)

- -Silicon hose 8mm (inside) 12mm (outside)

Parts are mostly from


scrap wood 45x45mm

scrap wood 70x45mm

suitable boards

Step 1: Build a RIG

Saw pieces of scrapwood:

Scrapwood size 45mm x 45mm (Top)

2x41cm pieces

2x51cm pieces

4x23cm pieces


Scrapwood size 70mm x 45mm (Bottom)




Saw the boards:

Top cover 40x50cm

Bottom cover 76x60cm


Saw the pump extension arm

Use same thicness of wood than your boards, lenght is 60cm. You may need to addjust pump to right level according the pipes.


Use the screws to assemble the rig

Install wheels

Optional. You can use a stainless steel plate to protect the base

Step 2: Assemble Parts

If your boiler does not have holes ready, drill holes according to the dimensions of the parts you are using.

You will need four holes in the boiler for the heating element, two valves and a thermowell.

Install the parts as shown.

Step 3: Brew Great Home Beer

Of cource you still need some temperature controller, lauter, brewbag and false bottom... etc.

For controller, I use craftbeerpi 3.0


Version 3.0 software:

More homebeer stuff on Instagram -> @hopmonkeybrewery

It's basically works very well, but of cource this can be made better. Maybe useof ball valve in the end of the circulation line. Then barb can be wider than 8mm. Any ideas to improve it?

If there is any typos, please comment :)