EBike Back Pedal Clip

Introduction: EBike Back Pedal Clip

Being new to eBikes I was quick to discover that the chain cannot be back pedalled as you can can with a normal bike, this means that cleaning the chain and oiling the chain are not as quick as with a normal bike, the rear wheel has to be lifted and the bike pedalled forward - not easy given the weight of an eBike.

I quickly came up with a small 3D printed clip to attach onto the pedal and locks the chainring enabling you to back pedal the bike. This must always be done with the bike turned off as with any maintenance on an eBike.

Step 1: Making the Clip

There are many different 3D design packages to use, my fall back for quick simple designs always seems to be SketchUp - I have included the SKP file.

Printed on my Flashforge Creator Pro - PLA to start with for a test piece - can be printed with any rigid material really.

Step 2: Attaching to the Bike

Simply align the pedal with a gap between the crank and chain ring, clip in the long edge first.

The crank can then be back pedalled to clean and oil the chain - make sure the eBike is powered off.


Step 3: Removing the Clip

Clip removes simply by detaching the short side first then removing from the crank.

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    9 months ago

    Any chance you could share the STL file or whatever can be used to get one of these printed? I'm not sure the skp file you provided can be printed from, can it?