Introduction: ECI Instructable

The Elektro Chemical Industry, ECI-station, in Roermond has a rich history.
The station was build in 1920. Since 1926 the station belongs to the ECI. Just before the end of World War two, the station was bombed and a big part of the city lost it's elektricity.
In 1948 the station was re-build and it regained it's old function.
The ECI stopped producing in 1974 and since then the building isn't being used.

This means the station is empty for 34 years now. Because the lack of maintenance the building is ruined.

The ECI is part of Roermond and the civilians of Roermond do not want to lose this historical station.
The building has to be re-build, otherwise there is no possibility of using it.
To advance the reconstruction of the ECI, I decided to make the following tool. This tool will help the people who have ideas of making this building usefull.

Step 1: Step 1

On the big square between the gate and the building, there are an amount of tools put in place by me. These tools will look like the attached photo.

Step 2: Step 2

If you want to use this tool, you will receive a piece of glass with the contours of the ECI building and a piece of glass with the contours of the gate.
Within these contours you will have the freedom of making a new design for this old but glorious building and it's gate.
Try to make the designs as realistic as possible so the results will look at it's best in the end!

Step 3: Step 3

After designing the building and gate, take your glass panels to the ECI terrain and slide one of them onto the tripod (tool).
Place the tripod with the design in front of the building or the gate.

Step 4: Step 4

After placing the tripod on the right spot, look trough the ring.
Behold what your designs do with the gate and the building.
Because you're standing on the ECI terrain, you can experience what your design is doing to it's environment.

The best design will be chosen by a jury and the city of Roermond.

Let's start re-building!