ECO-friendly Wooden Monitor



Introduction: ECO-friendly Wooden Monitor

This is a small approach of mine that shows how we can reuse apparently broken or unusable things. In this case screen of a broken laptop.

I had lying an old laptop, which was just too crappy to be used as originally intended. But screen was not half as bad and a standalone monitor would be much useful. And do you know how much natural sources are used to manufacture one computer monitor? Too much.

On the other hand reusing does not waste much. In order to make a laptop screen standalone you have to buy an LCD screen driver, such as the one listed in supplies. And that's pretty much everything you need. Construction is pretty easy, it's meant to be one day build.

Now the screen lives it's second life as a monitor at dormitory, helping me to watch lectures and multitask.

Note that in instructions aren't exact lengths, partly because I've lost track of it. Mainly to stimulate your creativity and I doubt everyone has exact same materials at hand as me. Take this instructable as inspiration how it could be made.


lcd driver for instance:

I would advise buying it from ebay, since it's uncertain which driver board and cable you would need for your particular screen. And folks at ebay tend to be more helpful determining right driver, at least that's my experience.

Wooden prisms: 5x5 mm(thicker than display) and 15x15mm

Wooden planks: 8-13mm thick

screws: M2(to attach display), M8 (at least 60 mm long with nut and washers) and some self-tapping woodscrews


drill with bits


file and sandpaper from rough to finest

Step 1: Frame

The frame is very important because the display is now out of laptop and is vulnerable to any sort of damage.

The best is to use default mounting holes, which will probably be M2 at your display as well.

Cut the thinner prisms as shown in photos. The notches were filed only because my screws were a little too short.

The plank on the last photo should be thick and big, since it will be holder to any electronics and whole display.

Drill also holes to the prism and plank, for mounting them together. Check photos of complete assembly for 4 screws on sides for better understanding.

Step 2: The Stand-base

Intention was to make futuristic V shape stand, which was success.

It all began as a plank. The pictures should be self explanatory. It's just V shaped plank with prisms.

Think ahead, to know where to drill holes, check the next step.

Step 3: Stand - Done

Think twice before cutting those U shaped pivot points. Too short and the monitor will not be aretable, too long and too much weight will be up front.

Wood makes a lot of friction and is soft, so tighten M8 bolt with care.

Step 4: Final Touches

Before bolting display to stand connect at least lcd with driver board. It may be difficult afterwards.

Display is held to stand with 4 M3 screws on sides.

Driver board is held with self tapping screws. Be careful with their length, so they won't penetrate display.

Lastly add some planks to protect lcd's printed circuit board.

Now you should be all done, enjoy new monitor.

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