Introduction: EDC Flashlight Holster - Version 2

This is a cheap yet effective belt holster you can make for your flashlights. You may need to tweak it depending on the dimensions of your light. You can also see my other instructable that may work better for certain flashlight types.

This holster is designed to fit my Thorfire VG-15S, which is a great EDC flashlight that offers 1070lumens and costs around $20

Step 1: Materials Needed

You will need:

Flashlight (I'm using the Thorfire VG-15S)

8" section of 1" diameter black poly pipe (i picked up a 2ft section at Home Depot for $1.20)

Knife (I used a Victorinox Huntsman)


Ruler or Measuring Tape (optional)

20 minutes of free time

Step 2: Pipe Cutting

This is made from a single piece of pipe. Make sure your flashlight fits inside the pipe before you start, if not, these instructions will not work. Because it is all one piece, please be sure to make the cuts properly the first time.

I wanted the main body of my holster to be long enough for the light to slide in all the way to the pocket clip, and still have a little extra length to protect the lens. for this light, this was right around 4". I made a cut most of the way around the pipe, leaving about a 3/4" wide strip that will become the belt loop.

Step 3: Form the Belt Loop

Determine how long you want the loop for your belt to be. I have a fairly thick belt that I wear that is woven from paracord, it is much thicker than a standard belt. After a little trial and error, I determined that the 3/4" wide strip needed to be about 3 inches long in order to for the proper sized loop.

cut the narrow strip to lengh and then remove the scrap piece of pipe. I then left an additional inch of pipe intact on the other end and cut it off. You will basically end up with two sections of complete pipe (a four inch section and a one inch section) that are connected but a 3" long strip that is about 3/4" wide.

using a lighter, heat up the narrow strip until it becomes soft and pliable. bend it backwards to start forming the belt loop.

make a veritcal cut on the 1" section of pipe on the opposite side from the belt loop. This way when you fold that end backwards, it will open up and clamp around the larger section of pipe.

Step 4: Cut Out Notch for Pocket Clip

This is optional, but i cut out a small notch in the main tube to allow the pocket clip to slide down in deeper. This prevents the flashlight from sticking out the top too far. Adjust this notch to the desired length, making sure the end of the light doesn't stick out the bottom of the tube.

Step 5: Attach to Your Belt

simple attach the holster to your belt and start using it.