Introduction: EDC Loadout

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I'm not survival expert but I had my share of S.H.T.F, tear gas, floods, burning houses and others.I wanted to share my EDC loadout so all internet people can see and tell me what did I do right what wrong.

Step 1: Loadout

My EDC is basic and it has tools for making my way to secure area.In my EDC or every day carry I have:

-Knife (Credit card knife, you can buy one on ebay for 0.99$)

-Screwdriver (Shaped as pen, has multiple heads that can be changed)

-Multitool (sometimes is easy to just carry a multitool because it has more tools, knife, screwdriver)

-Lighter (I have flint rod, but its easy to make fire with this, and it can be used as torch :D )

-Teargas (for mass control, self defense ) */Picture was bad, but is standard NATO teargas.

-Zip ties (for making shelter, makeshift door lock, handcuffs, you can tie gear to belt, repair....)

You can make kit but in the end you will need a tool, self-defense weapon, fire source, you can add first aide, weapons, tools, pouch for carrying it.

For carrying the gear I use my wallet, and I always have lighter (bad habit), you can use a bag, or pouch for carrying gear.

Gear can be bought online, or at flee market, or you can craft it at home.

Some of this gear I don't carry all time, some of it I carry all the time, but in the end if you can use it to save yourself and others carry it even if people say you are crazy but when S.H.T.F they will beg you for that survival kit that you made in your workshop.