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Before you can make these great tasting  Old World  delights,
you need three batches of colored dough.
The companion featured instructable  EASY MARZIPAN DOUGH will show you
how to make the dough for these delicious ornate mushrooms.


This step pre-supposes you already have the three plastic bags of colored dough
from the companion Featured  Instructable   EASY MARZIPAN DOUGH .
  1. You will need a wooden breadboard
  2. A butter knife
  3. A plastic chopstick and 
  4. A roll of paper towels
Clean and dry your hands in preparation to food handling.
Open the Brown and Red  dough plastic bags and take out a third of  each color dough.
Be sure to close the zip locks up again.
  • Picture #1
  • On the breadboard roll a brown cylinder with the palms of your hands .
  • And cut it into finger lengths.
  • Then press flatten one end of the cylinder to simulate the mushroom stem.
  • Now Roll a like number of Red dough Balls between your palms using a circular motion.
  • Picture #2
  • The Mushroom Head is formed by pressing a thumb into a Red Ball and forming the dough around.
  • Note the desired Houby ( Mushroom ) Stem and Head look to fit snugly together.
  • Picture #3
  • Start by taking a dollop of White dough from the Zip Lock Bag and set it aside.
  • Mount the Red Head onto a Brown Stem and gently press them together.
  • Note the good fit of the Stem and mushroom Head.
  • Not happy :-( with the results ?  IT is easy enough to start over at picture #1
  • Picture #4
  • Using only hands the Red Houby Heads are fit snugly onto the Brown Stems.
  • The next step will place the White distinguishing flecks
  • Of the Amanita Muscaria Mushroom ( Houby ) round marks.

Depending on your speed, ability and desire you should be able to make a dozen Houby at a time.


Now is a good time to clean your breadboard and to again
clean and dry your hands in preparation to food handling.
  • Picture #1
  • Use a chopstick to poke a hole half way through the Red Mushroom Head.
  • IT should be allowed to pierce into the Brown Stem.
  • Picture #2
  • Note the clean and smooth hole.
  • The tip of the chopstick tool needs a moist wipe and dry.
  • Picture #3
  • Use the White dough to  Roll several  Tapered  Plug  Inserts.
  • Picture #4
  • Slide a White  Plug into the Mushroom Head Hole.
  • Gently Press the White Plug to Widen and Flatten it Flush to the Red Head.
  • Picture #5
  • Sliding a third White Tapered Plug into a Mushroom Head Hole.
  • See the two other Flush White Plugs.
  • Picture #6
  • Compare a finished Flecked mushroom.
  • To an UN-finished Houby .
  • See a White Tapered Plug.
  • Ready to be inserted into holes created by the plastic Chopstick Tool.
  • And see a Brown Stem.


After nine of the Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms have set for a couple days
they will hold shape for decorating.
    • Picture #1 
    • Drying platter.
    • Picture #2
    • Preparations for a White Mushroom with Red flecks.
    • Picture #3
    • See  Brown Stems and White Heads.
    • Picture #4
    • White Houby with Red Flecks Same Procedure as the Red Houby.
    • And those Dumbbell Shapes that never made it off of the Breadboard.
    • Picture #5
    • Three finished White Mushrooms


    • Picture #1
    • The name sake for the decorative Candy..
    • Picture#2
    • Here we see the onterage shapes.
    • Picture #3
    • Round Holy Balls Hanging.
    • Picture #4
    • Engineering Shapes.
    • Picture #5
    • A Close UP.
    • Note the Drying Creases.
    • Picture #6
    • Two Houby.
    • Last Picture 
    • A Houba Hanging in Our 2011 Tree.
    • Very Heavenly Delicious Tasting.
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