Introduction: EDST (Every Day Survival Tin)

Today im going to show you my EDC (Every Day Carry) Survival tin. I was looking through the Altoids tin survival kits and found one that a guy carries around with him every day. I included some stuff he put in it but I also revised it a little.

Hope you enjoy! Leave a comment!

Have added Asprin. Will be adding medical scissors, Large elastic bandage, and a little here and there.

Survival fishing rod from a Jerky chew container.

Step 1: EDST: Mini First Aid

This is the least of a first aid I would ever carry with me. I kind of was nerves in just putting it in and not making a full other tin for it.

* 3 Band-Aids
* 3 Mini "stitch" Band-Aids
* 1 4x4 Gauze Pad
* 1 individual Anti-Biotics
* 2 Alcohol Prep pads (Can be for cleaning wounds, and for cleaning up after eating)

Again this is the bare minimum I would suggest that you include. This will vary from person to person.

Step 2: EDST: Mini Spices

Me and everyone else im sure likes a little flavor to their food. I took the straw thing from the guy and he said he got it from this other guy. So I wont do an instructable on them because its not my Idea

* 3 salt (One packet, Two of the straws)
* 2 Sugar (One Packet, 1 Straw [Large])
* 1 pepper

You can put any kind of spices in the straws.

Step 3: EDST: Every Day Needs

I just put somethings that I thought I would use daily, and a thing or 2 that i necessarily dont need.

* 10 matches (With striker)
* 2 water proof matches (How ever you would like)
* 1 pick (In jazz band, guitar player always needs one)
* Super glue
* Duct tape (Around Business card [Can use as tender]
* 1 Small plastic bag

This will vary among others.

Step 4: EDST: Packing First Level

For the first level I have put the first aid stuff. The band-aids on the very bottom and then the rest on top.

Step 5: EDST: 2nd Level

For the rest of the levels I will be putting just pictures of them up and not explaining. If you would like me to tell you what is there just comment, and I will let you know.

Step 6: EDST: Last Stage

Step 7:

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