Introduction: EEG "Coral" Headband

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I'm working on a series of fanciful electroencephalography (EEG) headbands to be used for a science planetarium game. The subject of the game may be ocean acidification, and these headbands are adorned with 3D printed clips that resemble flowering plants, anemones, and coral. A 3D clip over each ear holds the headbands circuitry: an Xbee over the right ear sends information wirelessly to the computer running the game, while a NeuroSky processor over the left ear processes brain data input from an electrode at the forehead. The forehead electrode is embedded into the headband, while a grounding electrode hangs out of the headband to be clipped to the ear.

Parts List:
For all the STL files, the unit of measure is millimeters.
- Two 3D-printed circuit holders (STL file)
- One 3D-printed buckle (STL file)
- Three 3D-printed decorative clips (STL file)
- Two 3D-printed electrode decorations (STL file)
- NeuroSky TGAM circuitry+electrodes, removed from a MindFlex Duel Headset
- Xbee Series 1 with wire antenna
- Arduino Fio
- Lithuim Polymer battery
- Felt
- Adhesive-backed velcro (to keep felt folded over wires)

Relevant links:
- Hack a toy EEG (Star Wars toy, but the same thing can be done with a MindFlex)
- I just saw that a similar hack on the MindFlex+Fio was posted!
- Setting up the Xbee+Arduino (scroll down on this page)

Much of this headset's development took place as part of the "Design for DIY Manufacturing" class taught by David Mellis at the MIT Media Lab in Spring 2012. Additional information about this headset can be found on its class page.

DIY versions for some of the models above are available at the Autodesk 123D site:


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