EF Final Project

Introduction: EF Final Project

Life Hacks: Cutting an Avocado

Cut an avocado with just one hand!

Step 1: Printing Model

Printing the 3-D model through OneShape allows for many ways of printing. Should you be signed in down at the ICS, printing only requires you to sign into OneShape and to print to any of the 3-D printers. You can export the Oneshape file to a USB in any of the standard formats such as Parasolid, STEP, ACIS, IGES and others. The printing steps are the same as the aforementioned step.

Step 2: Position the Avocado

Place the avocado so it fits snug in the AvoCradle

Step 3: Cut the Avocado

Cut the avocado so the knife goes through the slots in the walls of the AvoCradle

Once it is cut, flip the avocado to the uncut side

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