Introduction: EGGtacular Egg Wrap

Do you want to learn how you can make this yummy egg wrap with only 3 ingredients? Keep reading and in no time you will be a master chef!

Step 1: First Ingredient- One Egg

The first ingredient is one egg! You can change it to more eggs if you would like to based on your preference. :))

Step 2: Second Ingredient- Cheese!

For the second ingredient you will need cheese! I love cheddar cheese so I used shredded cheddar but yet again you can change how much you use and which kind as well, this recipe can change based on you're likings and in the end will still taste EGGtastic.

Step 3: Third Ingredient- Tortilla Wrap

The last, but not least for sure! This last ingredient is a Tortilla Wrap and it is NEEDED to make this all come together!

Step 4: Make Some Scrambled Eggs!

Now all you have to do is make the scrambled eggs! While making them, to get the perfect results you should keep the stove on medium for 10 minutes, after those 10 minutes put it on low for a couple minutes and you're scrambled eggs are done! Only a couple steps left :)

Step 5: Heat the Tortilla Wrap

While making the scrambled eggs, (optional) for better results put the tortilla wrap on the stove on low just for a little bit so it is warm and flexible enough to make the wrap. But not too much cause you don't want it to be crunchy.

Step 6: Add Everything Together!

One last step, it smells so good in here! Now its almost time to eat, yum! To wrap everything all together you need to get the left side and right side and make it so that they meet together. Then from the bottom roll it all the way to the top of the tortilla.

Step 7: Enjoy!

Yes! The time has come! Time to eat! I really hope you enjoyed this and I hope you vote for me, I worked really hard on this contest and it would mean a lot if you did. Also you should check out my youtube channel for more DIY's, Thanks!

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