This is an electric guitar combo amplifier with one 12" speaker, which is very good amp to be limited only to one speaker, what i do is take the amp part away from the box and enclosure it, this became in a amp head, the benefit is that you can connect  as much  speaker cabinets you want, as long as you don't go below 4 omh imp, this is the lower impedance that this amp can handle with no worries, well and is better looking i think. 

Step 1: Tools and Stuff

Jig saw, hand saw.

Plywood i used 3/4 birch
Frame wood 3/4 by 3/4
Wood glue i used liquid nails
3M vinyl adhesive
Wood screws 1" aprox
Spray paint
1/4 phone jack
Metal grill

Step 2: Ideas Together

Very simple, draw  a rectangular box first to have an idea, then take the plywood and cut top and bottom 1" wider than the amp, this case  i cut it at 20" wide, the sides are squares 9" by 9", take the wood frame which is 3/4" by 3/4" and cut 4 pieces of 7.5" each, take top and bottom and measure 3/4" before the edge on both sides left and right ,front and back, using the liquid nails glue the 4 pieces of wood frame on each corner of the top and bottom remember to leave 3/4 " by the edge this is the room to place the sides vertical, wait until dry, then put 2 screws to reinforce; now take the sides 1 first and placed by the joint point put liquid nails and screw them together do the same thing in all 4 corners tip: pre drill first before the screws if not wood will crack       

Step 3: Getting There

I cut the original power cord and out to speaker and soldered the audio and power jacks, the tee nuts great you can remove the back lid when ever you want without damage the wood, the wood frame for the lids try to get the ones with kind of trench or channel in order to slide the grill in.

Step 4: Check 1

Making sure that the lid fit right in the spot.

Step 5: The Face

The front lid grill is  divided in 4 parts the thin grill goes between the top and the amp covering the gap left in order to access the amp channels buttons, the triangles cover the sides and the big cover the center and the wood forms like a wide U .

Step 6: Check 2

Making sure that the amp,back and front cover fit in place.

Step 7: Securing Amp

I used 2" screws to secure the amp since i put 4 separators underneath the top and above the amp to set the amp down and leave room to access the channel buttons.

Step 8: The Skin

To cut the vinyl, add the diameter of the 4 sides in this case 20+20+9+9= 58 " long, now the depth 9" plus top and bottom thickness both= 1.5" an extra 1.5" that fold to the inside = 13"
To glue it use 3M vinyl adhesive before you spray it, place the box on top of the vinyl at the very end, the way that you can wrap the box with vinyl and you want to leave the joint at the bottom corner; after this mark with pencil or marker the area where you gonna put the box after spray the adhesive, with the mark done proceed to spray both the box and vinyl give at least 5 min dry make sure when set them together that follow the guide mark you did this is very strong stuff and use mask .
After you make sure that the skin is set put staples all around inside.

Step 9: Finish Product.

Here is, all done with handle on top and plastic protection corners got them from an old speaker cabinet.

Step 10: Back View

I probably will replace the red wire for a black one later.

Step 11: Meet the Speaker

Now it can be use with any speaker cabinet, this is an isolated cabinet i will post the inst. eventually .

Step 12: Some Posse

A lot of work but looks great.

Step 13: The End.