Introduction: EMP Generator DIY

Simple EMP generator DIY

Step 1: Welding Coil

i must put the coil and pcb together

Step 2: Soldering the Positive and Negative Wires

i use a 9v battery socket,and cut it in the middle,so i can use the 9v battery as the power

Step 3: Use a Box to Hold All the Parts

make some hole on the box,and put the coil on the head,add a switch,so i can click switch to start EMP

Step 4: Triode Sc2078

sc2078,it be used for drive the coil

Step 5: 9v Battery

i use 3pcs battery,but i think use 5pcs is better,over 36v is dangerous,so i just use 3pcs

Step 6: Antenna

i add an antenna on the head,i think it is better for enhance the EMP,but i am not sure about this