Things required.

1) Solar panel 3W ( depending on the project)

2) Wooden ply

3) 40 Pcs piezoelectric transducer

4) Wires

5) Soldering iron

6) Solder wire

7)Double tape

8) 6V Rechargeable battery

9) 2 pcs DIODE


Take the solar panel and remove its aluminium molding from its sides. Remove the black cabinet which is fixed with the solar panel at the back side of the plate,you can see the image of the panel after removing the cabinet. Take the wooden ply and make a big hole for the output of the solar panel as you can have idea from image.

Step 1: Step 2


Now take the piezoelectric transducer and start soldering them in series ( take one thin wire and solder it at one of the transducer outer circular part, than take one more wire of different color and remove its insulation part from middle and start soldering it continuously to the middle part of the transducer and make a series of 20 transducer repeat it again and create one more 20 pcs transducer circuit in series)

Note : solder it very neatly and after soldering tape that portion with electric tape.

For fixing the transducer divide the plate in 2 parts A and B,

so fix 20 transducer in A part , and other 20 transducer in B part , we can overlap the transducer by putting the double tape in between the two transducer .

After fixing both part A and B we will connect both the parts in parallel due to which voltage will remain same and current will increase.

Step 2: Step 3

When you are done with the connection of transducer than fix the plate to wooden ply with the help of double tape and fix wooden molding around the solar panel so that the solar panel get fixed inside it.

Now we are done with every thing but the main part is that we should not forget to connect one diode separately with the output coming from solar panel as well as piezoelectric transducer. We can use LED, it allows the current to flow in only one direction. now connect a 6V battery to it and put it on your roof top or on road where people walk you can also put a sign near it ("Walk on me")]

its an in trusting project have fun.

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