Introduction: ENTER SIGN by DC.

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I made this ENTER SIGN by hand. Here, I show pics of the steps I took and materials I used. I also added a video from my YouTube channel to display the process that way. Here is the link as well...

It's only 6 minutes long...ENJOY!

Step 1: Choose Font

I chose a simple font for this sign, printed it to the size I liked, then cut out the letters and spray glued them to a piece of MDF.

Step 2: Cut and Prepare Letters

Now that the letters are spray glued to the MDF you can cut them out carefully on the bandsaw. When totally cut out you can choose what to do with the letters. I chose to spray paint them red knowing they would be mounted to a natural wood background. I think the contrast looks nice. You may choose something different. See next step...

Step 3: Mount Letters to Background

I chose a natural wood color for this background. It was an old piece of oak I salvaged from a cart in a warehouse. Mount the letters with a strong glue insuring they will stay put forever. I used GO2 Loctite. Once the glue dries you now need to seal it all in with something. I used a semi gloss spray polyurethane. One more step to go!


Now you can sit back and enjoy your new sign knowing you made it all by hand!!!

Thanks for checking me out and here is the link for the full video if you would like to watch each step...