EOS Compact Survival Kit




Introduction: EOS Compact Survival Kit

Nautical acquisition and redistribution specialist...Pirate.

World's Smallest Survival Kit™ made by EOS   www.compactsurvival.com

Contents: 22 items - 1.5 ounces
1 LED flashlight *15 hrs burn time
1 ferrocerium rod *500+ fires
1 razor blade
1 military snare wire
2 safety pins
1 matchbook
1 button compass
2 small fish hooks
1 large fish hook
2 fishing weights
2 fire tinders
1 large eye sewing needle
1 roll of (20 ft. 30lb. test) braided fishing line *A Polomar knot is great when tieing braided line.
2 water purification tablets *purify 2 liters of H2O
1 reflective tape for signaling
1 signal whistle *works in cold and wet conditions
1 black survival band *Seals outside of the container

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    You can make this with a small Altoids tin. The size is almost exactly the same. Its can get pricey trying to get all these small yet practical items in a small tin...unless you have access to bulk pricing on L.E.D. flashlights, ferro rods, XL sewing needles etc. You can also use our item list to make a good kit of your own. For example use braided fishing line instead of the cheaper mono line. Monofilament line forms a memory and becomes messy after a few months on a spool or in a kit. Braided line does not form a memory and is stronger. We put high quality items in our kits for a reasonable price. www.elementsofsurvival.com


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice and braided is smaller diameter so you could fit more!!!