EPA UV Index Feed / IOT




Introduction: EPA UV Index Feed / IOT

This little device pulls your local UV index from EPA and display the UV level in 5 different colors and also displays details on the OLED. UV 1-2 is Green, 3-5 is Yellow, 6-7 is Orange, 8-10 is Red, 11+ is purple.


Adafruit Feather M0 WiFi – ATSAMD21 + ATWINC1500

350 Mah Lipo

One NeoPixel

A server that can run php script with a Internet connection

3D printed parts (attached)

Step 1: Wiring

You will need to wire the NeoPixel to Adafruit Feather M0 WiFi – ATSAMD21 + ATWINC1500

it is used to display the UV color coding at the top. You will also need t wire the slider switch to the GND and enable pin.

I use slider switch from here


Step 2: Setup Server / Grab EPA Feeds


The zip file contains uv.php file, it pulls the xml from the EPA site

(Change the ZIP/***** to your zip code)


The PHP file that I included below, phrases the XML file and added a few things, such as current time and current UV index at the very end and it looks like this
?08AM 9AM:2 10AM:4 11AM:5 12PM:7 1PM:7 2PM:7 3PM:6 4PM:4 5PM:2 6PM:1 0 Adafruit MO then process the string and map that to the NeoPixel color via the char below.

Step 3: Print the Case

Print the 3D printing files

Step 4: Assemble

  1. Making sure you wire the NeoPixel to the correct PIN, I used 12 in the included code.
  2. Edit the WiFI SSID and Password.
  3. Upload the provide sketch.
  4. Pop in the display and lips
  5. Done!

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