Introduction: EPROM Reader

This is a simple hand operated EPROM reader.

It would be better to use an EEPROM, but I already had some UV erasable EPROM's.

Step 1: Parts

The only parts you need are:

-An EPROM (in my case a M2732A-4FI)
-LEDs and resistors for them
-A 5V power supply
-Bread Board or any other board

-if you want, you can add switches

Step 2: Schematic

If you think about it, the schematic is really simple. Look at the images for further details.

Step 3: Operating It

Use the A pins for address selection, where the data is stored. When Chip enabled is low, it is active. When Output enabled is low, the chip can output.

The leds show you the written bits.

Step 4: Programming

I need some help at this part.

I need some ideas from where to get 21V, that are needed for programming.

And some ideas on how to select the address that it will write to. I need 12 bits for selection + 8 data bits.