Introduction: ERGO Pixel Setup

This process will show you how to install your ERGO.

Step 1: Box Contents

Inside your box you should have 3 things:

1. ERGO Pixel (pictured middle)

2. Power Cord (Micro-USB cable and Power block) (pictured left)

3. GPS antenna (pictured left back)

You will also need a LAN cable (pictured right)

The LAN cable is not included in your order, but they are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased at many electronics stores or online.

Step 2: Plug the Power Cable Into the ERGO

The port in which you plug in the power cable is a small micro-USB port indicated by the word "Power".

First plug the micro-USB into the ERGO, then plug the power brick into the wall. The order of these steps is very important, as your ERGO might not work if you plug the cable into the wall and then into the ERGO.

Step 3: Plug the GPS Antenna in to the ERGO

The GPS Antenna should be plugged in to a port indicated by the word "GPS".

The square-like portion of the GPS should be placed on a windowsill facing outside to better receive cosmic rays.

Step 4: Plug the LAN Cable in to the ERGO

The LAN cable should be plugged into the port indicated by the word "LAN".

The other end of this cable should plug into a LAN socket on a wall.

Step 5: Verify Your ERGO

Now that your ERGO is ready to go, you can check whether it is online at

Just zoom into your location and look for a blue box with the number of your ERGO pixel in it.

If you cannot find your ERGO pixel try refreshing the page and waiting a few minutes. You can also try to unplug and replug the power cable from the ERGO.