Introduction: ESL Class Game : Connect Four

Using the traditional Connect-Four game in an English class to give students a fun way to practise class content.

Step 1: Draw Up a Grid

Draw up a standard Connect-4 grid on the whiteboard (6*7)

Step 2: Name Each Column

Write a sentence or word (or draw a picture) from todays content above each column

Step 3: Assign Teams (O and X)

Choose which students go into which team. Two teams will play, one as X and another as O.

Step 4: Students Take Turns Choosing Columns

Students choose which column they want, with each team taking turns. They must say the name of the column and use the name/word in a sentence (also from the classes content) to use that column. Place their X or O at the bottom-most available slot.

Step 5: Four in a Row Wins

The first team to get four in a row wins. The "Four-in-a-row line" can be diagonal, vertical or horizontal.