Introduction: ESL Class Game: Dont Say Wrong Picture

English class game that can be done to get the students to open their mouths and practice saying class content even if they don't know the meaning yet. Great at the beginning of a class to use as a fun way to introduce content, because it doesn't require the students to know the content yet in order to play. Teach says the name of a flashcard and the students repeats after the teacher, but if the teacher intentionally says it wrong the students much not repeat!

Step 1: Teach Your Content

Hold up your flashcard or point to the content on the board and say what it is (Eg. "This is a cat").

Step 2: Intentionally Say It Wrong

Once they become used to the content, start to say it wrong on purpose. For example hold up a flashcard of a cat and say "Dog!". Everyone must remain silent and not say anything (since it is wrong), or they lose one point for their team.