ESP-01 Programmer From UART

Introduction: ESP-01 Programmer From UART

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This instructable is about how to turn a generic usb uart module into one which can program the esp-01 (esp8266). I decided to hack this little module since the 8 pins were perfect for the esp-01.

All that is needed is a button and two wires.

Please view the video above for an indepth tutorial. If you found this useful then please view the other videos and instructables :)

Step 1: Solder Jumpers Onto the Connector

The first part is to link the vcc (3.3v) to the CP_EN pin; the second is using the button and last wire make a circuit which links GND to the GPIO-0 pin.

Step 2: How to Use

By using a button we can plug the device in and use the uart as a debugger within the serial monitor of the Arduino IDE. To put the esp-01 into programmer mode we now hold the button down as we plug in the device. Hold the button for ~2 seconds, after this the esp-01 has booted into programming mode allowing for new scripts to be uploaded.

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