ESP 8266 Nodemcu Ws 2812 Neopixel Based LED MOOD Lamp Controlled Using Webserver




Introduction: ESP 8266 Nodemcu Ws 2812 Neopixel Based LED MOOD Lamp Controlled Using Webserver

I am an engineering student and i just love doing electronic (mcu's) and programming (C,C++,JAVA) b…

In this Project we'll make a MOOD Lamp from nodemcu & neopixel and which can be controlled by any browser using local webserver.

Step 1: Basic Idea

Hello guys in this instructables i made MOOD LAMP based on Neopixel LED Ring with Nodemcu ESP 8266 and the Lamp is controlled by webserver hosted by nodemcu on the device. So the basic idea to is create a web server by nodemcu and to access that local web server by phone/PC browser & then sending commands by that page to control Neopixels LED by that local web server & light up the Lamp in different colors with different brightness by sending commands from the interface hosted by local web server and there are different modes to see different pattern lights , so enjoy making your own neopixel based web server controlled MOOD LAMP

Step 2: Gather Your Components

Step 3: Prepare Your Circuit

The circuit is really simple all you need to do is connect the nodemcu Vin pin to Vcc of neopixel since we are using Vin pin of nodemcu for neopixel so don't use more than 5v as power for node mcu that's why i used usb cable supply then connect Gnd of nodemcu to Neopixel Gnd & Din pin of the neopixel to the D2 pin on nodemcu.

Step 4: Upload the Code

Download the zipped code from the given link :-

then open it in ARDUINO ide & in the code set the neopixel pin to D2 ( whatever the pin of data of neopixel is connected to nodemcu) then number of pixels which mean the no of LEDs on your neopixel then imput your ssid of your router or mobile hotspot upload the code.

Step 5: Prepare Enclosure

i made a box of cardboard to cover the electronics & the cap of LED bulb as a diffuser to make the light uniform in all direction, you can design whatever you like.

Step 6: Final Step : Let's Test It

In the final step let's the cable then the nodemcu will look for the network of which it has ssid & pass in the code and if network is found it will connect , now get any device connected to the same network or use same mobile of which you are using hotspot and from the browser type the IP as (mine is because i have changed it if you haven't changed yours try the given outside this bracket) and if you wanna know your ip then connect nodemcu to the PC & then open serial monitor & you'll get the IP then access the web server using that ip from browser & change the color brightness & mode of neopixel fron the browser & enjoy your own light show from your own MOOD LAMP .For issues refer video for better understanding.


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    Question 1 year ago on Step 4

    Thanks I have it working !! YEA
    but my led sequence is not grb Not true adafruit led's but ws2811 rgb Is there an easy way in code to change the color ordering?
    thanks again.