Introduction: ESP8266-12 Blynk Wireless Temperature, Humidity DHT22 Sensor

in this project using a esp8266, to show the temperature and humidity DHT22 sensor on your smartphone or tablet.

DHT22 sensor is much more accurate than DHT11 but is also more expensive.

but if you only can use the DHT11

ESP8266-12 blynk wireless temperature e humidity DHT 11 sensor

Step 1: Materials

ESP8266-12 (esp8266-7, ...... , esp8266-12e)

DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor

10k resistence

power regulator 3,3v-5v

Step 2: Connections


VCC +3,3v

CH-PD +3.3v

gpio12 ---- pin2 (DHT22)

GND ground GPIO5 ground


DHT22 sensor
pin 1 +3,3v

pin 2 output .---- gpoi12 (ESP8266-12)

pin4 ground


10k resistence

pin 1 (DHT22) ---- 10k resistence---- pin 2 (DHT22)

Step 3: Blynk App


store app

Blynk Apple Store

Blynk Google Play store


configure blynk

create new project ( use hardware model esp8266 )

generate AUTH TOKEN

send E-mail TOKEN ( copy TOKEN in the esp8266 sketch)

in the app Blynk use Value Display widget or Gauge widget

Step 4: Sketch


blynk library

SimpleTimer library

DHT library


to programming the ESP8266-12, I use ide arduino 1.6.5 and CP2102 3.3V USB To UART Serial Interface Module Adaptor ( do not connect the power of the CP2102 to esp8266-12).


ESP8266 sketch
change the sketch in the following lines with your data

char auth[] = "xxxxxxxxxx"; //insert here your token generated by Blynk

Blynk.begin(auth, "ssid", "password!"); //insert here your SSID and password

Step 5: Thanks

Thanks by catoplepa