Introduction: ESP8266 Arduino Ide Setup and Led Blink Project With ESP8266

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In this tutorial we will learn how to setup arduino ide for ESP8266 and we will do a simple project of led blink.

Step 1: Library Setup:

  1. open the arduino ide
  2. click on File
  3. then click on preference
  4. paste the following link in additional board manager: on tools and click on manage libraries

6.Search the ESP8266 board and install it.

Step 2: Board Selection:

  1. connect the ESP8266 with Computer
  2. click on the Tools in arduino ide
  3. then click on board and select the board

Step 3: Circuit Diagram:

1.connect the led according to above circuit diagram.

Step 4: Programming:

Upload the below program in ESP8266 board:

void setup()

pinMode(D0, OUTPUT);


void loop()


digitalWrite(D0, HIGH);


digitalWrite(D0, LOW);