Introduction: ESP8266 Client IRC Chat (Control Web) - Serial Terminal Part 1

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What is IRC?

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a protocol for real-time communication based on text allowing discussions between two or more people. It differs from instant messaging users should not have access to communicate in advance, so that all users who are in a channel can communicate with each other, even if they have not had any previous contact. The talks take place in the so-called IRC channels designated by names that usually begin with a # or & (the latter only used in server local channels). It is a system of lectures widely used by people around the world.

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I used the program created by created for uwekamper , for Arduino Ethernet, make modifications to suit the ESP8266 module.

Original code Arduino Ethernet by uwekamper ... thanks

Code ESP8266 Client IRC

For the IRC? ....... Easy

The IRC protocol is the simplest method of transmitting in this case strings via the Internet without public IP addresses or DNS, simply ESP8266 is a client and connection is made from another IRC client, it is as simple as Nickname, channel and connect. In this example the ESP8266 receive all characters sent from the chat room and be printed on the serial terminal Arduino IDE.

Step 1: Materials

To make this project the following is required, it should be count is programmed in Arduino IDE, I leave images of programdor designed for testing.

1 ESP8266

1 programmer ESP8266

1 serial FTDI usb

How does it work ?

The IRC protocol has a number of commands for each action either entering rooms or send messages, Jan this case the ESP8266 has a nickname and a room associated connection and after the connection waiting room users

Step 2: ​Testing......

After downloading the code to ESP8266. Create a user to connect to the IRC chat room I use in this case I connect from a Web client, but you can from any other like python, java or android

Characters sent from the Web client forwarded by the ESP8266 the serial port to the terminal arduino IDE

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