ESP8266 DS18B20 Temperature Sensor, Arduino IDE, EasyIoT Cloud




Introduction: ESP8266 DS18B20 Temperature Sensor, Arduino IDE, EasyIoT Cloud

In this tutorial we will show how to build WiFi ESP8266 DS18B20 temperature logger connected to EasyIoT Cloud. All material costs less than 5$ on ebay.

EasyIoT Cloud works also on mobile phone or tablet. Native Android app is also available.

Also see simplified sensor version (Plug and Play):

Step 1: Materials

  • ESP8266 module
  • DS18B20 temperature sensor
  • 4.7 K esistor

Buying guide for ESP8266 DS18B20 temperature sensor is here.

Step 2: EasyIoT Cloud Configuration

Register to EasyIoT Cloud service. Then go to Configure->Modules->Add Module and select Analog Input module type. For first parameter set Description to Temperature, Unit to °C or °F, enable Log to database and set DB Avg.Interval to 10. For second parameter change Name to Settings.Icon1 and set Value to temperature.png. After you set values press button Save module.

DB logging means that we will log values in database, and historical values can be displayed in chart. DB Avg.Interval = 10 means that average value of parameter is inserted in database every 10 minutes.

After you save module module parameters gets ID. Copy ID for first parameter, because you will need it later.

Step 3: Program

We will program with Arduino ESP8266 IDE our ESP8266 directly. Program can be download on GitHub. In program set Acces Point username and password (AP_SSID, AP_PASSWORD) and instance parameter id (EIOT_CLOUD_INSTANCE_PARAM_ID). Instanceid/parameter id is wisible in WEB interface under configuration.

Step 4: Hardware

Connect ESP8266, DS18B20 and resistor. For power supply you can use 2 AA batteries. If everything is correct you can see temperature on EasyIoT Cloud if you login with your username and password.

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5 years ago


Hi Bob,
Congratulations to the article.
Please help. How do I resolve to be a more DS18B20 ESP8266 on?
3 WiFi temperature should be directed to the boiler house to the roouter.


7 years ago

The pictures seem to be for a slightly different GUI and maybe need updates to something with slightly better resolution. I had to download them then expand them to see properly. Included a shot of the GUI I get currently.

IOT 01v2.jpg

7 years ago

Thank you very much for your instructable.

1/ Do you know by any chance, how long the 2xAA batterres would last?
2/ How often do you measure the temperature? every 10 min? or just it's an average of multiple observations during 10 min period?
3/ Do you put ESP8266 to a sleep mode while waiting for next sample?
4/ Would it be possible to add Humidity too?
5/ Would it be possible to add battery voltage?

Thank you vm.