Introduction: ESP8266 IOTMote

We used an ESP8266 with a Arduino nano, and a DHT11 Temperature Sensor to log changes in Temperature and Humidity at the CuriosityGym Office.

We used the basic code from the following github repo

The ESP8266 is flashed with the MQTT/GetPut Binary and the Arduino communicates to the ESP8266 over a serial connection. The above github repo does contain instructions on how to get started with the flashing of the ESP8266 and the connection diagrams.

Step 1: Enclosure

We purchased an empty Camera dome and fitted everything inside it.

A hole was made using a dremel to expose the DHT11 sensor to the external environment.

The connections were made using a general purpose PCB with holes, and we spent a lot of time figuring out how to fit everything inside the dome.

Another hole was made in the bottom of the case to accomodate a 9v DC barrel jack. This was then glued in place.