Introduction: ESP8266 RGB LED STRIP WIFI Control | NODEMCU As a IR Remote for Led Strip Controlled Over Wifi | RGB LED STRIP Smartphone Control

Hi guys in this tutorial we will learn how to use nodemcu or esp8266 as a IR remote to control a RGB LED strip and Nodemcu will be controlled by smartphone over wifi. So basically you can control the RGB LED STRIP with your smartphone.

Step 1: Things You Need

Nodemcu ESP8266:

USB Cable :


RGB LED Strip (with controller & remote):


220 ohm resistor


Step 2: Get the Library and Install It in Arduino Ide & Upload the Code

For this project you need to install "IRRemote-ESP8266" library in your Arduino IDE

So download the given file and you'll find the library & code both in that zip file & install the library into Arduino IDE .

Library & code file link -

So after installing library then you'll find a code in it named as "iresprgbwebserver" code & open that code then enter your network (wifi router/hotspot) ssid and password in the code & upload it to your nodemcu.

Step 3: Connections

The circuit is very simple all you need to do is to connect the IR LED along with 220 ohm resistor to the pin D2 on the nodemcu as shown in image given.

Step 4: Testing the RGB LED STRIP

so connect your mobile or your pc to the same network of which ssid & password you entered in the code then open the browser & type ip "" and open this page & the remote as shown in image will appear then place the receiver of controller of RGB LED Strip near the IR LED connected to the nodemcu so that IR receiver of LED strip will receive data properly & when you press any key the browser the LED strip will behave according to the key pressed in the browser.
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