Introduction: ESP8266 WiFi Analyzer

This instrucatables show how to make an ESP8266 version WiFi Analyzer clone.

Step 1: What Is WiFi Analyzer?

WiFi Analyzer is a handy app in Android, it help to visualize the WiFi signal information around you. It is very useful for helping select a right channel for setting a new AP. If you selected a channel that as same as another AP near you, you may encounter interference and degrade the network performance.

However, you may not have a Android phone in hand and it is a little bit overkill dedicate an Android phone for WiFi scanning. ESP8266 is good enough for scanning WiFi signal, let's make this handy tools together!

Step 2: Preparation

ESP8266 Board

I am using NodeMCU this time, any ESP8266 board that have SPI pins is ok

Display Board

I am using a 2.4" ili9341 board this time, 320x240 resolution is good enough for visualize WiFi signal information


Some bread boards and pin connectors

Step 3: Connection

LCD VCC   -> Vin / 3V3
LCD CS    -> D8
LCD D/C   -> D1
LCD SDI   -> D7
LCD SCK   -> D5
LCD LED   -> 3V3

P.S. : Adafruit ili9341 library does not require connect LCD reset pin, but this pin should pull up to make it works. At the same time it is better reset the LCD display when the MCU reset so I direct connect both reset pin together.

Step 4: Deploy Program

Download the program from GitHub and program to ESP8266 board:

If you are not familiar program ESP8266 with Arduino IDE, here is a good instructables:

Step 5: Happy Scanning!

It's time to scan WiFi signal around you and share what you have done to your friends!

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