Introduction: ESPcopter: Programmable Mini Drone

Meet with modular mini-drone ESPcopter that can be programmable with blocky and Arduino.

ESPcopter has a lot of cool features like auto flight, hand control, blockly programming for stem education, anti-collision system, Arduino and Processing curriculum, altitude hold, etc.

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Step 1: What Are the Technical Specifications of ESPcopter?

Step 2: Box

Step 3: Drone Parts:

Step 4: Pinout:

Step 5: What Are Development Modules?

Thanks to its modular structure, you can add new features to ESPcopter By Using Sensor Shields

Step 6: ESPcopter Optical Flow Module:

The optical flow module measures the movement of the ESPcopter over the ground, allowing the drone to remain stable in the air and to perform autonomous tasks.

Step 7: ESPcopter Multi-Distance Module:

There are laser sensors on the multi-distance module with 1-meter detection distance facing forward, backward, right and left. With this module, you can do applications such as collision prevention, autonomous flight or hand control according to the distance to the walls.

Step 8: Other ESPcopter Modules:

ESPcopter Neopixel Module

ESPcopter Buzzer Module:

ESPcopter Temperature Pressure and Humidity module

ESPcopter Altitude Hold Module

Step 9: How Can I Control ESPcopter?

Step 10: Arduino Library

Step 11: Blockly Programming

We developed a fully online blockly coding web site for students who are new to coding education.

You can access the Block Programming interface via this link:

Step 12: Processing Control Software

Step 13: RemoteXY Support

Step 14: Visuino Support

Step 15: Contact, Question and Community


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