Introduction: E.T.

E.T. is our school project in I.I.S. Geymonat, a technical high school in Tradate (VA, Italy). It's a system that can improve life of Alzheimer sick people. Often they can’t use common objects because they don’t remember how they work. When someone touches an E.T. object, it says how it can be used. For example when you touch the TV remote controller, it says “Your favourite TV program starts pushing the first button on your left”.

E.T. stands for Extra Terrestrial like the film character calling home from earth.

Also Alzheimer sick people seems Extra Terrestrial when they can’t use common objects.

We want to upgrade our system taking off the cables and using Bluetooth communication. We hope our system will be used and will improve the life of someone.


Hardware system is very simple and everyone can configure it.

It includes:

A laptop with the software;

A couple of speakers;

The makey makey board and an usb cable;

Some common objects,

for example phone,

tv remote controller with two metal plates ;

Some cables with crocodile clips;


The software is based on Scratch ide, it’s a very
simple environment for everyone.

The program is composed by:

-A starting block, for Makey Makey:

-A sound block that reproduces a sound that can be previously recorded:

-A waiting block that delays the next action:

-An ending block to stop the action:


The configuration of E.T. is very simple:

-You have to connect the Makey Makey board to the computer with an usb cable;

-Using crocodile clips, you have to connect the first plate of the object to the ground of Makey Makey(-) and the second plate to the position software selected ;

-Finally you have to power on the computer and start the program.

E.T. will start automatically when someone connects a couple of plates whit its hand.

E.T. guarantees the safety of the user.

Step 3: