Introduction: ETextile Cable

Make a soft textile cable to use e.g. in eTextile projects!

Prepare a very conductive thread (or very flexible thin cable) and almost equal length of Paracord. (Cutting the Paracord a little shorter prevents the thread form pulling through during making.)

Pull out the nylon string from the inside of the Paracord. Then thread the conductive thread instead of the nylon string through the Paracord.

The ends can now connect to wherever you need them in your project. You can connect through knotting, sewing, soldering, or any other technique that fits your project. The eTextile Cable can be used as any other cable in your soft electronics project. It's very flexible and insulated through the Paracord cover.


- conductive thread, I am using a 7×5 copper thread from Karl Grimm ( If you have a thinner or less conductive material braid it together or use several strands to increase the conductivity. You can also use a very flexible cable.

- paracord (or an other flexible cord that lets you push through a thread in the middle), I like to use this one:

- needle to thread the conductive thread through the cord