Introduction: EU1000is Generator Carb Clean

Does your excitement for ice fishing rise when that first cold weather front comes through? Then you realize you forgot to properly store your ice shack generator. By following this how to tutorial you will properly be able to quickly rebuild your carburetor to get your generator running like new again!


Philips Screw Driver

Flathead Screw Driver

Needle Nose Pliers

8mm Wrench

10mm Wrench

Carb Clean

Step 1: Remove Side Panel

First let’s remove the access panel on the side of the unit. This will require a #2 Philips screwdriver. By backing out the screw the top of the panel will tip out and be easily removed.

Step 2: Checking Fuel Shut Off

Next we should double check that the fuel is shut off. Located on the bottom right side of the generator we will turn the switch to the off position.

Step 3: Filter Cover Removal

Now the air filter cover will need to be removed. The cover is black in color. As we remove the cover we will also remove the filters inside and place them with the cover.

Step 4: Air Filter Housing Removal

Now that the air filter cover is off we need to remove the air filter housing. For this we will need three tools. An 8mm wrench and a pliers. First we will remove the crankcase breather hose off to the left side with the pliers. The hose may need a slight twist to help slide the hose off. After this bolt is removed we will remove the two 8mm nuts in the upper left of the housing. These two bolts hold the air filter housing and carburetor onto the unit. Once the nuts are removed, slide the housing off the studs and set to the side.

Step 5: Gasket Removal

Slide the gasket off the studs in-between the air filter housing and the carburetor.

Step 6: Fuel Line Removal

The fuel line to the carburetor will need to be removed, along with the over flow hoses. Begin by using a pliers to squeeze the spring clamp together and slide to the right at the same time. This clamp needs to be slide over at least 1 inch. The use the pliers to gently turn and slide the fuel line off in the right hand direction as well. The over flow lines and can removed in the same way as the fuel line.

Step 7: Removing the Carb and Throttle Control

Next we will slide the carburetor off the studs to disconnect the auto-throttle wire harness. Pull the carburetor in a straight line away from the unit. Once the carb is all the way off the unit we will have enough room to disconnect the wiring. There is no tab so the wire can just be pulled out of the plug. Once the wire is unplugged we can move the carburetor to a mat where it can be rebuilt.

Step 8: Bowl Removal

To rebuild the carburetor we need to access the inside of the bowl. To do this a 10mm bolt is located at the very bottom. Remove the bolt while the carburetor is being held over a rag or mat as the carburetor may still have fuel in it. Once the bolt is removed we can set it to the side along with the bolt.

Step 9: Removing the Float

Now the float can be removed. This is done by simply pulling the silver pin to any side and setting it aside. When the pin is out pull directly up on the float. The needle will still be connected to the float, be careful not to lose the needle. Set aside.

Step 10: Jet Removal

For this step a small flat head screw driver will be required. In the very center of the carb is a main jet and emulsion tube. We will use the flat head screw driver to remove these to replace with new. Simply back the jets out in a counter clockwise turn.

Step 11: Clean Jets/Inspect

With the jets out the body of the carb should be cleaned and sprayed through with cleaner. Use carburetor cleaner to spray through any holes seen in the body and the surface of the inner carburetor.

Step 12: Reassemble

Locate your new parts. Install the emulsion tube first into the carburetor. Then insert the new main jet and tighten with the flat head screw driver. Be sure not to over tighten the jet as you could damage the jet.

Step 13: Float Reinstall/ Bowl and Gasket

Install the float back onto the body of the carb and reinstall the pin that held it in.

Removed the old o ring for the carb bowl and replace it with new. Reinstall the float bowl and tighten the 10mm bolt to 7ft lbs.

Step 14: Reinstall Carburator

Reinstall the carburetor back onto the unit in a reverse pattern of the removal.